I’m Teri, and I’m the photographer behind In The Now Photo. I started In The Now Photo in 2008 as an outlet from my job in the life insurance industry, and in 2012, I quit my insurance job to pursue my passion for photography full time.

I would describe my style of photography as documentary-inspired, with a clean and fresh editing style. My goal is to tell the story about you and/or your event. Sometimes this involves capturing my clients in the moment, without any interference from me. Sometimes, though, I feel the story is better told by moving things around or by gently guiding or posing my clients. I do also sometimes use flash (or other types of lighting) to tell your story.

I work hard to keep a consistent look to the images I capture, and my editing style is very minimalistic: exposure/color correction, the occasional removal of blemishes, and sometimes skin smoothing where appropriate. I am very competent with Photoshop, but I do my best to capture your story in-camera by using flattering lighting, angles, and poses.

I am a member of the Professional Photographers of Iowa (PPI), as well as several small photography clubs. I regularly invest in my education so I can stay on top of current trends and apply them to my clients’ photo sessions.

If you feel like my photographic style would fit your needs, I would love to meet with you! Feel free to use the contact page here on the website. You are also welcome to call at 515-975-1797, or drop an email to teri@inthenowphoto.com.